About Chillicrab Cafe & Resto


logo-chillicrabWe are a restaurant that tries to spoil the tongue of seafood lovers, especially crab lovers who craves fresh and tasty crab. By combining the asian concept with a touch of modern and traditional, with a mix of fresh ingredients and distinctive flavor in both the food and drinks we served, that we are not only want to present the best menu to you,but we also want all of you to have fun in our place by the unique way of our serving.

Chili crab is a seafood menu that is very popular in singapore and malaysia even worldwide, this menu even been listed in the “worlds 50 most delicious foods compiled by CNN Go “in 2011. By combining fresh crab usually mud crab with sweet tomatoes and spicy chilli and added with typical asia spicesit is not surprising if the chili crab is a seafood menu that is demanded by culinary connoisseurs. This menu name we make as our restaurant’s name as an appreciation for a menu that is already famous globaly. But the best menus we have is adapted to the local tongue that love spicy with a touch of modern and traditional.

The journey began a few years ago, Once Upon a chef who is very experienced and well known for the menu chili crab in Southeast Asia visit to Indonesia and at the same time he was amazed at the number of regions in Indonesia that can produce crab which has a very good quality, even exceeding the quality and quantity in his home country. So this is an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to invest, by combination between existing experience with the rich of Indonesia natural resources. Chili crab Resturant is established by a group of foodies who have both the same vision and mision. Where we want to give a touch and different color both in taste and quality, as well as the new and unique way for enjoying the crab.